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Putting People Back to Work

In response to the President’s comments around workforce development, training and partnerships CareerEdge would like to share feedback from the National Skills Coalition and also respond with applause for the well-deserved attention being paid to these systemic issues.

At a local level the mission of CareerEdge in part is to support the development of an “economy that’s built to last”. Day to day CareerEdge strives to train the unskilled, underemployed and unemployed in effort to diminish the skills gaps within our region, put people back to work, and create a sustaining workforce while expanding economic development in our community. At CareerEdge we’re focusing on building partnerships to foster relationships between educational institutes and businesses. Our hope is that by the development of such relationships a more streamlined workforce system will become sustainable with educators, trainers, employers, investors and community leaders sitting around the same table. It will be a breath of fresh air if Washington really implements funding assistance and programs that will support our mission, on a much larger scale.

In support of the response from the National Skills Coalition we have pasted the link to their press release with commentary made by National Skills Coalition Executive Director, Andy Van Kluenen.